Murder trial for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery: How local businesses are preparing for crowds

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Crowds of local and national news outlets, as well as protesters, are filling the parking lot next to the Glynn County Courthouse, where Ahmaud Arbery’s accused killers will be tried.

“We don’t want the community to be divided. We want at some point to come together,” Titiania Cook told Action News Jax.

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Brunswick has been home to Titania Cook for the past decade. She says Ahmaud Arbery’s death hit too close to home.

“That could’ve been anyone in my family, and I would want the same type of support if I had to go through this. I can’t imagine how they feel,” she said.

Cook is among close to a hundred people from near and far showing support to the Arbery family as his accused killers proclaim their innocence.

Area shops, restaurants, and hotels tell Action News Jax they’re feeling the impact, too.

James Hagemeyer manages a Subway restaurant. He brought in extra staff Monday in case he has more customers than the usual 50 or so they have each day.

“We’re getting extra staff, we’re making sure we don’t run out of product; just taking precautions. We never know when a big crowd’s going to come. We’d rather be prepared,” he explained.

Action News Jax visited some hotels, too. Two haven’t seen an influx of guests just yet, but are ready for them.

The Wingate told Action News Jax it’s already taken about 15 calls from people planning to stay in Brunswick for the trial.

As for Cook, justice would bring peace.

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“When justice is served there’ll be peace for the family, there’ll be peace for the community, and there’ll be peace for the nation,” Cook said.

You can count on Action News Jax to bring you the latest details in the trial.