• My Halo Project working to help Ebola orphans

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Locals in Orange Park are gathering items like gloves and bed sheets to send to an orphanage in Liberia, where the supplies are in desperate need due to the Ebola outbreak.

    "The panic is real," said Jeff Martin who works with My Halo Project.

    Martin just came back to the United States last month, just before the Ebola outbreak got out of control.

    There are several neighborhoods under a mandatory quarantine and nationwide curfew

    Even the orphanage he helps is locked down and supplies are becoming tougher to afford and harder to find.

    "They're seeing things like food prices doubling, sanitation supplies not available or going up tenfold in price," said Martin.

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    He says a small bottle of bleach sky-rocketed from $1 to $12 a bottle.  That's why he's collecting food, money and medical supplies to send to the orphanage so the children have enough to live off during the Ebola emergency lockdown.

    Martin hopes to gather two to three months worth of supplies.

    You can drop off supplies to Martin Appliance on Blanding Boulevard or at North Florida ObGyn off San Jose Boulevard.

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