Human remains that date back to the 1570s believed to have been found in St. Augustine

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — Archeologists believe they found human remains dating back to the 1570s in St. Augustine.

Crews worked Tuesday afternoon to see if they can locate more bones on Charlotte Street.

The specialist said the findings in the digs won’t delay the city’s new water pipe plans.

“What you’re looking at is the left femur, the knee bone and the right fibula right there yes, right there,” said Carl Halbirt, St. Augustine archeologist.

Halbrit believes these remains might be from some of the first settlers who lived in St. Augustine.

The archeologist said even with the new findings, they don’t believe this will impact the schedule of starting construction for a new water line on Charlotte Street.

“This is the extent in the roadways, these one layers we have right here,” said Halbrit. “However, when I take you inside you’re going to see something completely different.”

Halbirt and his team of volunteers discovered more human remains buried under the floor of a recently closed wine shop.

“One of the burials we think, we know, is older than the other,” Halbrit said.