• Hurricane Florence: Local Red Cross volunteers head to Carolinas

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    Skilled Red Cross volunteers ship out on an as needed basis.

    At last word, a dozen from our area were heading for the Carolinas.

    One of them is former Navy veteran and Red Cross volunteer Julian Delgado.

    “I’ll be arriving in Dunham, North Carolina, by 11 o’clock tonight,” said Delgado. “I’ll be working with health services to provide medical care at the shelters.”

    He’s gathering all the supplies he’ll need for the short-term.

    He said they’ll have more in North Carolina.

    “Hopefully, enough supplies to last me two weeks,” said Delgado.

    Inside his backpack, you’ll find gloves, ACE bandages, wound kits, and gauze, which he carries a lot of. He said scrapes and bruises are the most common wounds he’ll see.

    “Primarily, these two bags are filled with just gauze,” said Delgado.

    He’s prepared to perform CPR and carries a glucometer in case someone with diabetes is suffering.

    “I can actually test their sugar levels,” said Delgado.

    However, Delgado said, the most important of all the supplies isn’t something you can’t pack in a carry-on.

    “Compassion and connecting,” said Delgado. “That’s the biggest thing.”

    He said many in need of assistance just want someone to listen.

    Delgado and others are prepared to do just that no matter where they’re needed.

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