• ‘I swear to God I will shoot you!' video shows Logan Mott, teen who killed grandmother, arrested

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The sentencing hearing for a teen who pleaded guilty in the murder of his grandmother is set to resume tomorrow. 

    Today in court, we heard from Logan Mott's Dad, Eric, the lead detective and others. 

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    One of the more notable moments was when a video was played of Mott being arrested at the U.S.-Canada border near Buffalo, New York. 

    "Don't move your hands!" said the border patrol agent. "I swear to God I will shoot you! Do you understand me?"

    In the video, he pulls up to the point of entry saying he's here to see family, and he left his wallet and ID at a nearby hotel. The agent responds saying the road he claimed his hotel was on is closed, and there had never been a hotel there. .

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    After getting his name and birthday, the agent presses him on having a warrant out for his arrest.

    "You have an arrest warrant out for you right now?" asked the agent as he pressed Mott. 

    The agent calls for backup. They ask if there were any weapons in the vehicle, to which he says there are guns. A short time later he's taken into custody. 

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