• Identities of Christmas night quadruple shooting victims released


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released a report Monday that identifies the four victims of the shooting at an address near Odessa and Franklin streets.

    Bailey Price, 3, suffered serious injuries when she was shot in the abdomen in the quadruple shooting Christmas night on Jacksonville’s Eastside.

    The Sheriff’s Office said David K. Jones, 19, Leonard H. Andrews, 21, and Jamari K. Brooks, 17, were also wounded.

    The report said Andrews suffered serious injuries, while Brooks and Jones’ injuries were minor.

    All four victims were taken to UF Health.

    Witnesses said the victims were mourning a teen victim who was killed in a previous shooting at the same location just weeks earlier.

    Police have not released any information about a possible suspect in the shooting.

    Bailey’s age was originally reported as 2 years old. However the report says the toddler had a birthday four days before the shooting.

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