Inspectors find violations at Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q, Carrabba's, other restaurants

Inspectors find violations at Bono?€™s Pit Bar-B-Q, Carrabba?€™s, other restaurants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Your health and safety -- it’s the reason we go out every week to get answers about the places you love to eat. In this week’s Original Restaurant Report, Action News Jax Ben Becker tells us about violations that inspectors found at local restaurants:

Sesame, ranch and garlic -- those are some of the flavored crusts available at Hungry Howie’s, but inspectors discovered more than the smell of onions at its Southside Boulevard location.

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Becker paid a visit to the restaurant where inspectors say they found an objectionable odor in the establishment, potentially hazardous food temperatures and an employee with an ineffective hair restraint.

Becker spoke to management who said they passed the follow-up inspection.

“Do you know what the odor was?” Becker asked. “It was from the sinks. What we do is put bleach down them every night and the odor is gone. It happens at every restaurant.”

Becker reached out to the state and was told bleach can be used as a cleaner in a sink.

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Bent Creek Golf Club was cited for food with mold-like growth, potentially hazardous food temperatures and the floor soiled with accumulated debris.

Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q on U.S. 1 near Lewis Point Road in St. Augustine had live, small, flying insects in the  kitchen, no proof of required employee training and the handwash sink was not accessible for employee use, according to its recent inspection.

The Carrabba’s on State Road 312 near U.S. 1 was cited for potentially hazardous food temperatures, cold holding equipment not maintained in good repair and a slicer blade soiled with food debris.