Investigators: Motive in plot to murder Navy commander came down to money

ORANGE PARK, Fla. — The State Attorney's Office released new documents and photos in the murder case of Alphonso Doss, a Navy commander.

Doss was found strangled in a room at the Astoria Motel in Orange Park in February 2014.
His killing, which police say was the culmination of a sinister plot, was orchestrated by his estranged wife, Yolinda Doss; Anthony Washington, whom she admitted having an affair with; and Ronnie Wilson II, her business partner.
In 159 pages of subpoenas for cellphone and email records and search warrants, there are details of a rocky past between Doss and his estranged wife.

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According to documents, Yolinda Doss told police how she suffered years of physical and emotional abuse while with her husband. She said that he battled alcoholism and was unfaithful and that while they agreed to separate, they remained friends.
She's the one who called police the day he was found dead in the motel room. According to officers, she was unemotional at the scene.
Investigators believe the motive was money.
The documents state that "Yolinda Doss was set to be the beneficiary of her husband's life insurance policies," totaling $1.2 million.

Phone records show that Alphonso Doss was texting at least three women in the days leading up to his death. Investigators say the messages were sexual in nature and that at least one of the women was a prostitute.

Photos of the room show it in disarray, with food and bottles of alcohol scattered about.

Yolinda Doss is due back in a Clay County courtroom on May 12.

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