• ‘It could happen to anybody,' says mother of boy who got stuck in claw machine

    By: Johny Fernandez , WFTV


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - The mother of a little boy who became stuck inside a claw machine at a Titusville restaurant explained the whole ordeal to Channel 9’s Johny Fernandez and said this isn't the first time he tried climbing into a claw machine.

    Mason and his family were eating at Beef O’Brady’s Wednesday night when he decided he wanted a stuffed animal from the claw machine.

    “It could happen to anybody, and it was in a game room, so it’s not like I left him in an empty room and left the building. I was right outside the game room eating,” said mother Amanda Polchlopek.

    WATCH: Titusville firefighters help boy stuck in claw machine

    Polchlopek said within 10 minutes of being at the restaurant, her 6-year-old son was inside the claw machine.
    “I crawled from the toy thing, the little hole, and then I couldn't get out because I was big enough,” Mason said.

    “I laughed, but at the same time, I panicked. Because I was nervous he couldn't breathe,” Polchlopek said.

    Firefighters with the Titusville Fire Department rescued Mason in five minutes and he even got a toy.

    Photos: Titusville firefighters help boy stuck in claw machine

    Mason’s mother said this isn’t the first time her son has crawled inside a claw machine.

    “Before Brady’s, when he was 4 years old, he climbed in one (claw machine,) but the hole, there was no door in the hole and the hole was just right in the front and he was able to just stand up in it and grab, and reach over,” Polchlopek said.

    Mason and his mom agree this will be his last claw machine experience.

    Watch the entire interview with the mother and son below:

    Watch below: Child becomes stuck in claw machine

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