Items of interest found in Joleen Cummings landfill search, Sheriff says

FBI Jacksonville Special Agent in Charge Charles Spencer said the FBI has found "items of interest" during a landfill search related to the case of Nassau County missing mom Joleen Cummings.

Friday will be the last day of the search.

"We found a few things that piqued our interest," Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said.

Authorities would not specifically describe the items. The items have been sent to a lab and the results will take several weeks.

FBI Special Agent Spencer said there were over 200 searchers assisting in the search. These searchers moved over 3,300 tons of trash.

"There is one person who knows where Joleen Cummings is, and she is in the Duval County Jail," Leeper said.

Joleen Cummings' mom Anne Johnson said her daughter will be found.

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FBI update on Joleen Cummings landfill search

PHOTOS: It's the final day of search for evidence in the Joleen Cummings case: http://bit.ly/2NMZCCY

Posted by Action News Jax on Friday, July 13, 2018