‘It's nasty': Woman says she was bitten by bed bugs at Jacksonville hospital

A Jacksonville woman says she was bitten by bed bugs at Memorial Hospital, just steps away from where babies are born.

The hospital says that's not the case, but Keshawna Marshall told Action News Jax her cellphone pictures prove she isn't lying.

Marshall said she came to Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Center on Monday morning for her cousin’s C-section, but wound up in the hospital’s emergency room covered in welts.

“It was horrible. I was really itchy. My skin was really aggravated. And it’s nasty,” said Marshall.

Marshall said the itchy welts appeared on her back after she lay down in a chair in the Women’s Services waiting room.

“I see a bedbug right on the edge of the chair. And I went and got the nurse immediately and she grabbed a piece of tape. And she picked up the bed bug and put him in the tape,” said Marshall.

Emergency Room records show Marshall went to Memorial Hospital’s ER for treatment.

Memorial Hospital spokesperson Ilyssa Drumm told Action News Jax the hospital has had no reports of bed bugs.

Drumm said she can’t explain Marshall’s photos of a woman in scrubs with a Memorial Hospital nametag holding what appears to be a bed bug stuck to a piece of tape.

“I feel like that’s the main reason they didn’t want to give me a copy of my incident report, so that way they can try to cover it up, because they know they were in the wrong for it,” said Marshall.

Marshall said she wants two things from Memorial Hospital leadership: She wants them to take more care to keep the facilities clean and she wants them to pay her Emergency Room bill.