Jacksonville animal rescue group goes on mission to save animals in Hurricane Michael's path

As people continue to evacuate the hurricane’s path, a Jacksonville animal rescue group headed toward areas of concern to help get animals to safety.

Several dogs who were taken from rural shelters are now in need of foster homes.

Mike Merrill, with Florida Urgent Rescue, went to Wakulla Animal Services and Union County on Tuesday afternoon and was able to take eight dogs from those shelters.

Both shelters are in the path of Hurricane Michael.

Merrill did the same rescue mission before Hurricane Florence and said the rescue group was able to save more than 120 dogs and cats in the Carolinas.

The dogs that were part of the mission on Tuesday went to a veterinarian in Palatka to get vaccinated and tested heartworm.

The dogs will be staying in temporary boarding until they can find people to foster the dogs.

“We are trying to get them out of the path of the storm to keep them safe. The second thing is, we are trying to free up space so when the storm goes through and there are strays and owner surrenders, they don’t have to kill the animals in the shelter to make space,” Merrill said.

Florida Urgent Rescue is looking for foster homes for two to three weeks, until the dogs can be sent up north to other shelters.

If you are interested in becoming a foster, you can click HERE and then click on the foster tab.