Jacksonville-area coronavirus updates: Florida governor lifts all restrictions on youth activities

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: Restrictions lifted on youth sports, summer camps effective immediately

NORTHEAST FLORIDA, SOUTHEAST GEORGIA — More than 48,000 people in Florida and 39,000 people in Georgia have been infected with the new coronavirus, and the number of deaths from the outbreak continues to rise. Officials are attempting to contain the COVID-19 outbreak in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia as schools, businesses and public events are closed or canceled.

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NOTE: As new information related to the coronavirus comes in regarding Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, we will update this story. Please read the entire article for the latest information from May 22.

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President Trump calls on governors to open places of worship

While speaking at the White House Friday, President Trump called on governors nationwide to open places of worship.

"I call upon governors to open houses of worship right now. These are places that hold our society together. People are demanding to go to church, to synagogue, to the mosque,” Trump said.

The president said if governors don’t comply, he is willing to supersede them.

“If they don’t do it, I will override the governors,” he said.

All restrictions on youth activities in Florida are lifted, governor says

May 22, 11:05 a.m.: Effective immediately, all restrictions have been lifted on all youth activities in Florida, Gov. DeSantis announced Friday morning in a news conference. This includes youth sports and summer camps. Click here to watch live updates.

Florida governor to give COVID-19 update in Jacksonville

May 22, 8:50 a.m.: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will hold a news conference at the Ed Austin park in Jacksonville at 11 a.m. today. Mayor Lenny Curry will also be in attendance.

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Lifesouth testing all blood donors for COVID-19 antibodies

May 22, 5:53 a.m.: Starting today, blood donors at Lifesouth community blood centers will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies. An antibody test could determine if you’ve had COVID-19 already.

The test looks for antibodies in your blood which your immune system makes to fight off infections. If you test positive for the antibodies, it doesn’t mean you’re now immune to the virus. Dr. Matthew Thompson, the director of Telescope Health, said that researchers still don’t know if you’re protected. Health experts said regardless of if you test positive or negative for antibodies, you should still follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention. To find a LifeSouth blood drive, click here.

Testing for COVID-19 antibodies in the Jacksonville area