Jacksonville Beach employees thankful Humberto won't touch down this weekend

Humberto avoiding Florida coast

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. — Some people in Jacksonville Beach are still recovering from the effects that Hurricane Dorian left of their pockets.

Many of the businesses along the beaches had to close early and some closed for several days as people waited for the storm to arrive. During that time it caused economic issues for some of the businesses and it’s employees.  Austin Clouse is a bartender at Surfer the Bar he said one of those days happened to be during one of the busiest times of year.


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“There’s a couple of days Fourth of July memorial day or Labor Day those are the biggest weekends and take away Labor Day it’s pretty tough. Its like that for all of us I mean not just bartenders but all of the staff it cut everybody’s hours everybody lost shifts,” Clouse said.

Surfers was closed on Labor Day and the following two days. The bar didn’t reopen until Thursday which caused some people to work less hours and it ultimately resulted in less money.

With Tropical Storm Humberto forming off the coast, many, like Clouse, are staying optimistic about the weekend and hoping they don't have to close up shop again.

"We’ll keep the good vibes going and just hope we’ll have a normal weekend you know I think we always try to keep a positive vibe and try not to let anything scare us too much,” Clouse said.

Although Humberto is not predicted to damage Jacksonville, many of the managers in Jacksonville Beach said they just hope no other storm this season causes their business to shut down again.

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