Jacksonville Beach holiday display aims to spark change

A Jacksonville group is hoping to spark conversation and create change through a holiday display.

Deck the Chairs is a holiday tradition at Jacksonville Beach. This year, it features a one-of-a-kind display -- giant jellyfish with tentacles full of single-use plastics.

“All the plastic here, we estimate that it adds up to 185 pounds of single-use plastic, which is what an average American uses in a year,” Anne Marie Moquin said.

She’s the founder of Beaches Go Green, the group behind the display.

The glowing jellyfish aim to raise awareness about how much waste we create and the mistakes we make when recycling.

Action News Jax told you in September that 26 percent of items people were putting in recycling bins in Jacksonville are trash, contaminating recycling loads.

Republic Services, a partner of the jellyfish park, says that number has remained constant.

“I’m hoping people will just be more conscious of the choices they’re making, and maybe if it makes sense to them, they can make small changes,” Moquin said.

She said easy ways people can make an impact include using reusable water bottles and bags and refusing straws and single-use plastics at restaurants.

She says if you do have to get something that is single-use, try to use it as many times as possible before recycling it.

The jellyfish park will be lit up through Jan. 1, 2019 in front of Seawalk Pavilion at Jacksonville Beach.

Republic Services will then come get all of the plastic and recycle it at its Jacksonville plant.

Beaches Go Green is conducting an online survey to find out how it can help neighbors lessen their impact on the environment.

Click here to take the survey.