Jacksonville Beach lifeguards kept busy over holiday weekend

The near-record heat across Northeast Florida Monday brought thousands to the beaches for a little Memorial Day relief.

That kept lifeguards busy.

Max Ervanian with Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue told Action News Jax that they responded to at least 12 missing children calls over the holiday weekend. All of them have since been reunited with their parents.

He said they have been busy with calls for service, ranging from first aid and heat exhaustion to minor water emergencies.

Ervanian said they had zero rescue calls over the weekend, but they did assist seven people who couldn’t get to shore on their own.

According to Ervanian, a rescue is when someone is brought back to shore when they are in extreme distress. In those cases, he said the person wouldn’t have made it.

An assist means lifeguards help someone back to shore before they’re unable to make it back themselves.

‘The Memorial Day weekend so far has been good on an ocean rescue standpoint,” Ervanian said.

A yellow flag was up today, meaning there is a low rip current risk. The First Alert weather team said the moderate ocean conditions will remain over the next few days.

Even though the water will stay relatively calm, Ervanian is urging beachgoers to stay alert.

“Ask the lifeguard in the area where the best place to swim is and what’s going on with the conditions,” Ervanian said.

There were 42 lifeguards and seven officers on duty.

Ervanian said if you see someone in distress, call 911 and never attempt to rescue them yourself.

“It’s really imperative that people understand that they can also become a victim in the water when they attempt to rescue someone who is in distress. Always call 911, stay on shore and wait for trained personnel to arrive.”