• Jacksonville Beach murder suspect posted extensively on Facebook


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    The man accused of killing a Jacksonville teenager in 1994 maintained a Facebook page where openly spoke about his work as a mental health counselor at a St. Johns County church. 

    The page, thought to belong to Ronnie Hyde of Jacksonville Beach, also had a question and answer post where he answered "yes" to the question "Watched someone dying?"

    Hyde is accused of killing 16-year-old Fred Laster in 1994 and dumping his body in Lake City. 

    The family of of the murdered teen had suspected for decades that Hyde as responsible for Laster's death. 

    Hyde also posted multiple messages about child abuse and checked into the Crosswater Community Church as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. 

    On the page, he listed himself as a 1974 graduate of Jacksonville's Fletcher High School. He said he purchased a home in Jacksonville Beach in 1988 and has no listed family members. The FBI conducted an extensive raid on his property on Tuesday. 

    "It shouldn't hurt to be a child," Hyde's Facebook page said on Oct. 13. "Let's end child abuse and domestic violence."

    Hyde was an enthusiastic musician who said he performed at the Orange Park Fall Festival in 2016. He also posted about suicide prevention. In 2016, he messaged, "I had a dream this morning two of my dear friends returned from the dead!" 

    Hyde also has a LinkedIn account saying he was an owner and therapist of “Let’s Talk,” which provides services such as marriage and family counseling.

    He also said that he was  a therapist at Lakeview Health for more than a year and a program director at Quality Life Center for more than two years.

    A woman who worked with him for more than two years said she describes him being a nice man, but also creepy.


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