Jacksonville child badly injured in dog attack

He was bitten in face by the dog

Jacksonville child badly injured in dog attack


A terrifying encounter for 9-year-old Cameron Jones has left him badly injured.

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He was bitten in the face by a Rottweiler mix at his mother's friend's house Wednesday morning.

His mother dropped Cameron and his sister off there.

Action News Jax blurred the pictures of his wounds because they're too graphic.

Action News Jax reporter Ryan Nelson talked to Cameron Friday night.

"I'm still remembering it, and I'm feeling quite sad about it," Cameron said.

Cameron's mom, Amber Jones, said her friend put herself between the dog and Cameron and she fears what the outcome may have been had her friend not done that.


"So if it was not for her, this dog was maliciously trying to kill my son," Jones said.

Cameron said the dog was put up in a room inside the house when another child in the home let the dog out.

"When he, the dog, went running, it just attacked me," Cameron said. "I didn't know it was going to jump on me, and it was just, like, running. And I didn't know it was going to jump on me."

His mother said she got a call from her friend telling her what happened.She said the call came about two minutes after she dropped off her kids.

"Amanda called me and was hysterically screaming: 'Amber, he just got bit. He just got attacked. Get back here now.' Just screaming at me," Jones said. "Your body just goes in a panic, in a shock. And you just think of the worst."

Jones and her husband rushed Cameron to Wolfson Children's Hospital, where he underwent plastic surgery and got stitches.

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