Jacksonville City Council candidate says man left dog feces at his front door

Feces left on a Jacksonville city councilman's doormat

Jacksonville City Council candidate for District 2, Carson Tranquille, says a man walked up to his front porch and left dog feces on his door mat.

Tranquille, who is also a retired JSO chief, wants the person responsible to be found.

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He tells Action News Jax his home is surrounded with cameras and the incident was caught on video.

The footage appears to show a man wearing a hoodie, gray pants and a backpack as he carries out the alleged act of vandalism.

According to the video, and a police report from JSO, he appears to walk across Tranquille’s yard, take his backpack off, look around and carefully remove the dog feces before placing it on Tranquille’s front doormat.

“It’s crazy how they did this,” said Tranquille. “They didn’t just throw it down, it’s laid perfectly just to where it’s sending a message.”

Tranquille says he found the feces while picking up a package from Amazon.

“If I had not had the opportunity to retrieve that package, this thing probably would’ve sat there for a couple days,” he said.

The police report states a man walked up to his front door “…and left a large mound of dog feces…” Tranquille isn’t sure who would do this, or why, but he has his suspicions.

“My gut feeling is, it’s about the campaign,” he said. “…Why did you do this? And who told you to do it? You don’t know me.”

He also claims some of his City Council campaign signs have gone missing in recent weeks.

“When you come to my home, that’s crossing the line,” he said. “Coming to my front step, that’s crossing the line.”

We reached out to JSO ask if there have been any reports of campaign-related vandalism or crime. We will let you know when we hear back.

​Tranquille is asking anyone with information about the incident to come forward.