• Jacksonville City Council hears details of new HRO bill

    By: Larry Spruill , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville City Council heard the details of the new HRO bill for the first time at a Tuesday night meeting. 

    The bill is now four pages long, which is about 10 pages shorter than the 2015 version.

    The proposal has caused a lot of controversy since city council members Aaron Bowman, Tommy Hazouri and Jim Love first introduced the bill.

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    It’s a proposal to expand Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance to include members of the LGBT community that would protect people from being discriminated against, based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, when it comes to employment, housing and public places.

    “We’re trying to be as transparent as we always have been. It’s a different bill. It’s much smaller, and I hope it will pass. It really, exempts the churches and synagogues, and everyone affiliated with religious organization,” said Councilman Tommy Hazouri.

    “I believe we’re all equal under the law, so there’s no reason, for this. I think we should just leave it like it is. There’s no reason to change the laws, or add another law,” said Judy Stevens, who is against HRO Jacksonville.

    “My husband and I have two young boys, and we just want to make sure that this city is, the city where we can raise our children, with courage,” said Brent Vantice, HRO Jacksonville supporter.

    Council will have another meeting on the bill on Jan. 24. 

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