• Jacksonville City Council works to chop $20M in vacant positions

    By: Catherine Varnum


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The city has more than $20 million in vacant positions. 

    Page after page lists job after job with the city and all of them are vacant. One has been sitting empty for 945 days.

    "If the position is unfilled, it may not be needed," said Councilman Bill Gulliford. 

    Council members were given two lists Thursday. One was with jobs vacant less than 150 days. One was with jobs vacant more than 150 days. They can be found across all city departments. Many are public safety positions like police and firefighters, even public works. 

    Gulliford said since they cut out this list of unfilled jobs posted more than 150 days, roughly $6 million will go back in to help balance the budget.

    "We're going to hold them to justify why we're keeping those positions in place. It'll be an interesting process," said Gulliford. 

    As for the list of jobs posted less than 150 days, it totals about $14 million. Action News has learned that council could take that up Friday. You can see the full list attached to our story. 

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