• Jacksonville city leaders hear from high school students about impact of gun violence

    By: Kevin Clark , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Several high school students hosted a discussion about community gun violence Tuesday night, and it caught the attention of city leaders.

    The roundtable discussion—held at the Legends Center on Soutel Drive—was put on by the newly-formed group Young Leaders of Today and March for our Lives.

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    Students stressed the need for mentors and community programs--like in entrepreneurship—that can help put young people on the right path.

    “If you start them off young with learning, with different choices, they know that gang violence or gang crimes is not their only option,” Jovan St. Victor, a Sophomore at Lee High School.

    Other concerns had to do with school security, arming administrators, and the installation of metal detectors at high schools in Duval County.

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    Students on stage felt that more guns and walk-through metal detectors made them more uncomfortable.

    District 1’s Joyce Morgan was among several councilmembers who attended the event. She tells Action News Jax she plans to start meeting with the students soon.

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