Jacksonville couple held at gunpoint while holding their baby outside apartment

Family moving after being robbed at gunpoint

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two parents say they are traumatized after they and their 1-year-old daughter were held at gunpoint at their home by two men.

“Every time I walk out my door, I wonder what’s waiting around the corner,” said a neighbor who is scared for her life.

Police say a family was robbed at gunpoint in front of their apartment at the Antlers on the Southside.

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“They put on their hoodies and they clearly asked me not to look at them,” said Phani Kollipara.

Kollipara said he had just got back from a walk with his wife and little girl. As he was putting the stroller into the car, two men with hoodies on ordered them to get on their knees and empty their pockets.

“The only thing they said is if I’m going to shout, they are going to kill us,” said Kollipara.

He then said the two men, who had a rifle and handgun, ordered them to get upstairs to their apartment.

“I thought this was the end of our lives because he was pointing (a) gun towards us,” he said.

Once inside, Kollipara said the door was locked, the lights were turned off, and they were forced to lie on the floor. According to a police report, the two men ransacked each room, and took cash, jewelry, and the family’s car.

“Lucky he didn’t shoot or harm any of us. He just took the gold and went off,” Kollipara said.

Now, some neighbors who described their gated community as quiet are being more aware.

“As soon as I get to my car, I bolt to my door now,” said a neighbor.

Police are still looking for the family’s stolen grey Honda Civic.