Jacksonville doctor faces losing license amid accusations of inappropriately touching patients

Local doctor investigated for conduct with female patients

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A longtime Jacksonville family physician, Dr. Guy Selander, could lose his medical license after he was accused of inappropriately touching a female patient.

Action News Jax first broke the story in October when the state surgeon general placed an emergency restrictive order on Dr. Selander's license.

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According to the allegation listed in the documents, Dr. Selander reportedly  "slapped a female patient's rear end in July 2019."

Once Action News Jax reported this information, several women reached out to make new allegations against Dr. Selander. Most asked to remain anonymous but shared their individual stories with Action News Jax reporter Elizabeth Pace.

"It was very uncomfortable," April Estes said about her appointment with Dr. Selander in February 2012. "Whenever he was listening to my heartbeat, he grabbed my whole breast."


Several more people reached out to Action News Jax defending Dr. Selander as a physician.

"Just a very good doctor, very polite man, never anything out of the way," his patient, Judy Roumillad said, "Just a good doctor."

A few weeks later, the Florida Department of Health filed an administrative complaint against Dr. Selander in November. It detailed more findings in their investigation.

It states the patient saw Dr. Selander for an ear exam on July 15. When the exam was over and the patient stood up to leave, she claimed Dr. Selander "grabbed and/or slapped" her rear end. When she told him not to touch her, she claimed Dr. Selander said, "What about this?" and attempted to hug her instead. She said, "Don't touch me at all," and left.

According to the administrative complaint, Florida Statutes (2019) authorizes discipline against a medical doctor for exercising influence with a patient-physician relationship for purposes of engaging a patient in sexual activity. A patient shall be presumed to be incapable of giving free, full and informed consent to sexual activity with his or her physician.

It continues to state, Dr. Selander violated this statute by grabbing or slapping the patient's rear end, and/or placing his arm around her neck after she told him not to.

Based on their findings, the Department of Health requested the Board to impose one or more of the following penalties:
•    Permanent revocation or suspicion of Dr. Selander's license, 
•    Restriction of practice, imposition of an administrative fine, issuance of a reprimand, 
•    Placement of Dr. Selander on probation, corrective action, refund of fees billed or collected, remedial education and/or any other relief that the Board deems appropriate.

The administrative complaint will be presented to Dr. Selander. It is then up to him on whether he wants to fight these allegations.

Action News Jax has continued to reach out to Dr. Selander to hear his side of the story but has not gotten a response.

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