• Jacksonville great-grandmother carjacked at gunpoint

    By: Christy Turner , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A great-grandmother said she was carjacked at gunpoint by two masked men.

    It happened shortly after midnight Friday on W. 6th St. and Melson Ave. near Paxon High School. 

    Priscilla Jackson said she had just dropped her daughter off at home when she saw a man standing in the street with a gun. 


    She said she was focused on him when another man approached her passenger window with a pistol.

    “He stuck it in the door, and he’s like banging up against the metal to get my attention,” Jackson said. 

    Before she had time to react, Jackson said the man in the street came up to her driver’s side window.

    She said he pointed a shotgun at her head and demanded she get out.

    “They caught me off-guard,” Jackson said. “He was like, ‘Get out the car. Get out the car.'”

    Jackson said she didn’t resist, and the men drove off.

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    She ran for help and called police.

    Police sent out a BOLO, or an alert to be on the lookout, for Jackson’s SUV.

    While police were talking to Jackson, an officer spotted a vehicle matching the description of her SUV. 

    A traffic stop was conducted, which is when where police said they found 18-year-old Terry Brooks driving the SUV. 

    Jackson said detectives told her they found fingerprints in the SUV that could help track down the second man. 

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