Jacksonville man accused of raping and robbing roommate, JSO says

Jacksonville man accused of raping and robbing roommate, JSO says

A Jacksonville man is facing charges of sexually battering a roommate.

According to the arrest report from Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, James Alexander Thomas or  “Jay” met the victim originally at a bar but kept up via the social media app Grindr.

Around 4:30 p.m. Dec. 29, Jay, along with three other people entered the victim's room and offered him methamphetamine, the report details. The victim told police he continually refused the offer when Jay, “told him he would have to smoke if he wanted to stay.”

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The report details a fight ensuing between the victim and Thomas. The victim says he was hit several times in the face, head and torso, with Thomas ripping his shorts off and attempting to sexually assault him.

According to the report, Thomas grabbed a metal bat from the corner of the room striking the victim, then pulled a shotgun out, threatening him and telling him to stop resisting.

The victim said he was then sexually battered by Thomas and the people with him.  During the incident, he was able to get his cellphone and contact a family member. Police say the family member responded and picked him up from the home.

The victim also told police Thomas stole $185 out of his pants following the battery.

The police report lists several injuries to the victim including; hematomas, abrasions to the head, face and torso as well as a fractured heel bone.

Thomas is charged with sexual battery and armed robbery. He’s being held in Duval County Jail with no bond.