• Jacksonville man allegedly recorded girls inside local gas station restroom


    A Jacksonville man was arrested Sunday for allegedly recording girls in a restroom, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrest report.

    The incident occurred at a Raceway gas station in the 7300 block of Lem Turner Road. According to the report, a mother pumping gas at the time, alerted a clerk at the station after her daughters came running out of the restroom.

    The girls said a man was inside the woman's restroom recording them.

    One of the girls told police while she was using the restroom, she saw a shadow coming from underneath the sidewall of the stall next to her.

    She thought it was another female using the restroom and did not make a big deal out of it, the report said.

    Another female in the restroom saw the man holding a cell phone while reaching into her stall.

    The mother of the girls confronted Joshua Johnson, 21, who was trying to leave the gas station. Johnson apologized to her and said he was sick and is on medication for his condition, the report stated. Johnson also told her he deleted the videos. 

    When officers arrived, Johnson declined to answer any questions regarding the incident. He was arrested and faces a second degree felony charge of video voyeurism. 

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