Jacksonville man arrested in connection with alleged chop-shop

Neighbors in Oceanway were shocked to learn that there was a chop shop operating on their quiet street when police came looking for a man they say was involved in multiple motorcycle thefts.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Families in Oceanway were surprised to learn about an alleged chop shop operating in their neighborhood.

Amy Johnson and her two daughters are new to the area.

The mom told Action News Jax, “It’s always quiet. I don’t hear police activity. I mean, it’s safe, I have two little girls, five and two. I feel safe around here.”

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Johns was surprised to hear about an alleged chop shop with motorcycles and parts less than 100 yards from her front door.

“Everyone is nice. Everyone is helpful, quiet. You know, everyone pretty much stays to themselves,” she said.

A house on New Berlin Road is where police went looking for and found Steven Ring, according to an arrest report obtained by Action News Jax.

The report says officers learned he has ‘been involved in motorcycle thefts throughout the city.’

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A shed on the property is where investigators say they found a stolen pistol and motorcycle along with three other bikes and parts.

Thursday Action News Jax Beth Rousseau asked people at the house about the arrest.

They admitted to knowing Ring, but wouldn’t comment on anything else.

Johns said it’s not the kind of activity she wants so close to her family.

“Definitely going to have to be more vigilant with the two kids around,” she said.

On Thursday, Ring was being held on more than $100,000 bond.