Jacksonville man arrested in connection with shooting death of homeowner

Jamar Thompson, 20. 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A 20-year-old man faces charges in connection with the shooting death of an Oceanway homeowner.

Jamar Thompson was arrested Tuesday on allegations of knowingly driving with a suspended license, improper backing, and crash - no proof of insurance.

The teen, who police said admitted to shooting and killing veteran, Kyle Simpson appeared Wednesday morning before a judge. Maleek Williams, 19, was charged with murder and armed burglary.

The judge read his charges and gave him no bond. Williams is set to be arraigned on March 1.

The SUV involved in with the case was found Tuesday at Williams’ home in North Jacksonville where he was also arrested, police said.

People were seen taking items out of a black Ford Escape and into a home in the 7800 block of Troy Place West, according to a police report. The Ford Escape was possibly connected to the death of Simpson.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said officers on Monday watched the home and saw a car with no lights pull up and several men get out of the car. The officers said they saw Thompson and another man load a flat screen TV into the trunk of the car. The officers then saw them add a second TV into the car.

The men where seen running from inside and outside the home and loading items into the car.

The car remained at the home for about an hour after it was loaded with items, JSO said. The car was then seen leaving the home without it's lights on. It was followed by SWAT officers.

JSO said officers attempted to conducted a traffic stop, but the driver, Thompson, put the vehicle in reverse and accelerated at high speeds toward the officer's vehicle. The detective turned on his emergency equipment and the car crashed into the detective's vehicle.

SWAT took Thompson and three others into custody: Pertniesha Mathis, 19, John-Michael Johnson-Jones, 19, and Enoch Epps, 19.