Jacksonville man claiming to be pastor arrested on fraud charges

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville man claiming to be a pastor has been arrested for fraud.

Supreme Joyner calls himself the president at Impact Lives 4 Christ Ministries, but now he is behind bars.

A website and Facebook page both list Joyner as the President and Pastor of Impact Lives 4 Christ Ministries and now Joyner is facing fraud charges.

"People sending him offerings to this church that he does not have. It was beyond me, like I never knew someone could have so many different weird hustles," said former friend Aiesha Moultrie.

Moultrie was friends with Joyner years ago and recently became friends with his now ex-girlfriend who he’s accused of scamming.

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"She started telling me that he opened up a credit card in her name and that her light bill was in somebody else's name. She was frightened, she didn't know what was going on," Moultrie said.

According to an incident report we got from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office,  the victim deposited two checks Joyner gave her and the next day her account was frozen because they were suspected to be fraudulent.

The checks had another woman’s name on them and Moultrie said Joyner told the victim it was because his godfather left him money after he died.

“And the only way for him to access the money, him and this other lady whose name is on the check had to open an account together," Moultrie said.

The victim also told officers that Joyner opened up a credit card account in her name.

"It's sad that she found out this way and that he was actually targeting her while making her think they were in this nice relationship and all the meanwhile you're opening credit cards in her name and writing her fake checks," Moultrie said.