• Jacksonville man faces video voyeurism charge


    DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. - A Jacksonville photographer has been arrested for allegedly recording a 16-year-old on video while she changed clothes.
    Jacksonville Beach Police have arrested Mario Peralta, 42, for felony video voyeurism. The alleged voyeurism happened at Peralta’s studio, Mario Peralta Photography, which is located on 1st Avenue South in Jacksonville Beach.
    Michelle Yeargin, a mother of two, lives just across the street from the studio and can't believe that it’s a place where young girls were allegedly being recorded while they changed.
    “You know we all have children so we don't want that happening,” Yeargin said.
    Police say they arrested Peralta after he recorded the teen when she was getting dressed for a photo shoot at his studio.
    Jacksonville Beach Police Sergeant Crumley said: “It appears that there was a hidden digital camera in one of the dressing rooms.”

    The photo shoot happened on May 16, and afterwards, police received a complaint about Peralta’s business. Crumley says after receiving the complaint, investigators worked quickly to quickly to investigate and build a case.
    “Investigators are working really hard to compile all the evidence and to document everything the best they can,” Sergeant Crumley said  “In a situation like this, a lot of the evidence is digital. So you know, even when they capture it, it takes time to process.”
    An arrest warrant and search warrant was obtained and served on Peralta, and he was arrested at his home in Jacksonville.
    Jacksonville Beach Police say the investigation is still ongoing and they believe there are more victims. Anyone with any additional information is asked to call 904-247-4030. 

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