• Jacksonville man killed in domestic shooting in Ohio


    HOCKING COUNTY, Ohio - A man from Jacksonville has been killed in a double shooting in Ohio.

    The shooting happened Saturday night at the Wildwoods Backwood Retreats Cabins on State Route 678 in Hocking County, near Columbus.

    Police said the suspect opened fire on Robert Boergers Jr., 31, and a woman.

    The 31-year-old woman survived and ran to a neighbor for help.

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    Dispatcher: 911, where's your emergency?

    Caller:  There's somebody at my house and she's been shot. 

    Dispatcher:  Has been shot? 

    Caller:  Yes, multiple times.

     Dispatcher:  Who was shot and who shot them?

    Caller:  She just came to my house.

    Dispatcher:  Do you know who shot him? 

    Caller:  Her, it's her ex-husband.

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    Police identified the suspect as Michael Napoli, the woman’s ex-husband.

     He is in the hospital in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Police said he shot himself during a SWAT standoff.

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