Jacksonville man searches for hit-and-run driver who totaled his car

Commercial truck slams car in East Arlington neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A red 1992 Nissan 300ZX four-door car that took a father and son three years to build was totaled by a hit-and-run driver in Jacksonville on  Thursday.

The owner of the vehicle, Mark Manaois, exclusively spoke to Action News Jax after reporting the crash to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

He said his neighbor’s home surveillance camera caught a driver in a commercial truck hitting the car around 6 a.m. and immediately driving off in the Waterleaf community in East Arlington.

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“He (driver) just kept on going, didn’t even check to see if anyone was in the car or any debris,” Manaois said. “He just kept on going as if he didn’t even hit the car and then he got the heck out of Dodge.”

Action News Jax is working to find who owns the truck and what the driver was doing in the Waterleaf community in the early morning.

Manaois said police are also searching for the commercial truck.

“It’s kind of dangerous, especially with the neighborhood, to know someone is just going through like that,” Manaois said. “It’s 6 o’clock in the morning, high schoolers are walking around at this time.”

Manaois said he spent several years building and buying parts for the car with his family and friends.

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He and his girlfriend, Melissa Buck, said they were shocked to see this “reckless” behavior in their nice neighborhood.

“It’s so sad that it finally came into fruition and then someone destroyed it and ran way, didn’t even check to see if there was someone in the car,” Buck said.

Neighbors are sharing the video in hopes someone might recognize the truck or driver.

The drivers appears to be driving a landscaping truck. Action News Jax is working to find who owns the truck.

Anyone with information can call police or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers.