Jacksonville neighbors worried about pets, children after dogs attack cats

Residents in Springfield are worried about their children and pets after two cats were attacked this week by dogs.

“We need to find out who owns those pets and stop this,” resident Cindy Corey said.

In home surveillance video, two dogs are seen coming within inches of Corey’s cat.

“Apparently, those same two dogs have, for over two years, have been terrorizing people’s pets and killing them and maiming them,” Corey said.

One of the dogs in the video is wearing a collar and Corey believes they are someone’s pets.

“They look well-fed and they have a collar and obviously they have been doing well for two years,” Corey said.

Within the past week, two cats were attacked and one died.

Jim Provencio said he woke up to sounds of a cat squealing and ran outside.

“The two dogs attacked it and killed it,” Provencio said.

He soon found out the cat had been his neighbor’s pet.

“This was not someone’s porch cat. This was an indoor-outdoor cat and she had it for 10 years and part of the family,” Provencio said.

Besides pets, resident are also worried their children could be in danger.

“They need to have pet control out here to pick those animals up,” resident, Melesa Langston said.

A city spokesperson said animal control hasn’t been called to the area recently.

But if someone calls, the spokesperson said, animal control will investigate the concerns and take additional steps, if necessary.