Jacksonville pharmacy robbed twice in two weeks

Two break-ins in two weeks at Panama Pharmacy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville pharmacy was forced to close for the second time in two weeks after being targeted by a thief.

Action News Jax told you about the first burglary that took pace July 29 at Panama Pharmacy on Atlantic Boulevard.


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Surveillance video from that incident showed the suspect rummaging through the pharmacy and stealing patient’s prescriptions.

The latest incident happened Monday morning before dawn.

Kevin Duane, the owner of the pharmacy, said the suspect used a sledge hammer to break down the wall in both break-ins.

Surveillance video shows the suspect go straight for the safe where the pharmacy keeps schedule II narcotics like oxycodone and fentanyl.

The suspect got frustrated when he couldn’t get what he wanted and destroyed the equipment.

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“It’s one of the reasons why were closed right now. We can’t process any claims through insurance because the Internet is down. The phones are down,” Duane said.

The surveillance video shows the suspect appear to leave, but he realized he was empty handed.

“I guess he realizes that he never actually stole anything, so he reaches back through, and he just grabs the first bottle that he sees and then leaves,” Duane said.

The pharmacy owner said he believes the same suspect is behind both burglaries.

“[He] broke the same window. Used the same looking sledge hammer. Same spot in the wall even,” Duane said. “He knew where the light switches were, for example. Little things like that tell me, ‘hey, this person has been here before.’”

Duane said he’s worried he’ll strike again.

“It makes you wonder, what’s the next step? Is next time he’s going to come back with a gun? Is it going to come back when you’re open? Is he going to force you to open the safe?” Duane said.

He said he’s offering a $1,000 reward of his own money for any information that leads to an arrest.