Jacksonville police: Man shot and killed, several people stabbed after fight in Brentwood

15th shooting in 10 days in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — One person was shot and killed and several people were stabbed Thursday afternoon in the Brentwood neighborhood.

Police responded to West Pearl Street.

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The shooting left one person dead and several others hurt.

Police say three victims were stabbed and at least one was shot as detectives worked two crimes within just blocks from each other.

Today's shooting is just the latest of many spanning over the past 10 days.

"Open daylight! You expect something like this at nighttime but not during broad daylight," explains Julie Delk.

Delk was driving home from work this afternoon when she got a call from her husband that there had been a shooting just steps from their house.

"I was like oh, my God, not again."

It was just before 2 in the afternoon,  right when kids were starting to get dismissed from school. 
"The first thing I thought was my stepkids they're going to come home and they are going to see all of this." 
Delk and many others say they've had enough with the violence.

JSO says they got a ShotSpotter call at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon at the 3400 block of Pearl Street.

They say one victim was found dead inside the home, about a block away police found someone else with a stab wound. 
Two others were taken to the hospital with not life-threatening lacerations and one more with a gunshot wound.

The shooting on Pearl Street makes it the 15th shooting in Jacksonville in just 10 days. Shootings that have left almost two dozen victims hurt and five dead.

Action News Jax first told you back in September that Jacksonville City Council approved an extra $30 million in funding for JSO to help fight crime.

But neighbors today say more needs to be done.

"Nothing's really being actively done. We need to stand together, stop the violence."

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Officers said ShotSpotter technology detected gunfire in the 3400 block of Pearl Street. They responded to a home where a man age 20 to 25 years old was found dead inside.

As they were working to get a search warrant for the home, a separate crime scene was discovered on West 23rd Street where a person was found with a stab wound.

Three or four additional victims are also in the hospital suffering from stab wounds and one with a gunshot wound.

Police are working on a suspect description and said a maroon-colored Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger could be involved.

Police believe the incident happened on Pearl Street and then those individuals went to West 23rd Street.

JSO said another shooting on West 5th Street could possibly be connected as well.

Officers could not say if the violence was gang-related.