• Jacksonville police: 7 cars hit by bullets on Riverside street

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    Officials say seven cars were shot on College Street in Riverside Monday night.

    Neighbors tell Action News Jax that they first thought they heard a car backfiring.

    “When it sped down the street past our house, we heard some rapid-fire gunshots and it definitely sounded like a gun then,” neighbor Sean Smith said.

    He said they found a note on their door when they got up in the morning.

    “We had a note on our door from the police department asking to call if we knew anything,” Meghan Smith said.

    When Action News Jax got to the street Tuesday afternoon, only four of the seven cars were still parked on the street.

    Two of cars had bullet holes in the sides of them.

    A third car had shattered glass in one of its windows.

    A bullet hit a fourth car in the driver’s side window and exited through the passenger’s side door.

    The Smiths say they’ve lived in the area for four years and aren’t going to let this scare them.

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