• Jacksonville police investigating possible drowning on Southside

    By: Elizabeth Pace , Action News Jax


    Action News Jax is working to learn why police taped off a retention pond at the Brackridge City Park on the Southside Wednesday evening.

    MORE: Police are investigating near a pond on Jacksonville's Southside

    Crews talked to residents, who said they watched paramedics take a person away on a stretcher.


    Action News Jax requested the full police report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office but has not heard back yet.

    The Sheriff's Office has not released any details at this time.

    A man said his friend was hurt at the pond Wednesday evening.

    He asked not to be identified, but said he was home at the time his friend called him out to the pond.

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    He found at least three police units and EMS in the parking lot andsaid his friends were visibly upset.

    “Apparently someone had a mistake in the pond and almost drowned or something,” he said. “That’s all I know really, and I don’t know if he’s OK or not but I hope he is.”

    Action News Jax talked to several residents who said serious crime rarely happens near the city park.

    “We keep an eye on each other,” Terry Hummel said. “At night if we hear anything, we’re up looking around and we leave our back lights on and everything else. For the most part, the area that we live in, we’ve been pretty lucky.”

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