Jacksonville police: 'Operation Lock Down O-Town' nets 60 drug arrests

Jacksonville police: 'Operation Lock Down O-Town' nets 60 drug arrests

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced Thursday afternoon that it has made dozens of drug arrests in the Oceanway area.

Operation Lock Down O-Town led to half-dozen children being transferred to the custody of Florida Department of Children and Families.

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The operation, which started in October and ended in January, targeted the Oceanway area. Investigators say this was not a drug ring but more of a geographic-based operation.

Sixty people were arrested on charges such as possession of meth, possession of crack, possession of OxyContin and possession of marijuana.

Eleven people are still at large and five vehicles were seized along with $9,000 in cash. One active meth lab was closed.

"We work these at multiple levels so we work the flow of narcotics into Jacksonville. We work the street level, focused on individuals like this so, while this may not have a huge impact on the flow of drugs into the community, it has a terrific impact on the quality of life for people who live in those neighborhoods," Sheriff Mike Williams said.