• Jacksonville police still looking for serial rapist

    By: Letisha Bereola , Action News Jax


    Tips are coming in on a suspected serial rapist but the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said it hasn't identified the suspect yet.

    Officers believe he sexually assaulted one woman in 2015 and two women in 2016. Officers believe he may have more victims.

    JSO released a sketch of a man described as muscular, 5’4" and with a large tattoo on his calf. Victims also say the suspect has a distinct sour smell and drives a dark sedan with an ID card hanging from the rear view mirror.

    Advocates at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville want possible victims to know they are a safe place.

    “If they call us, if they come to us, everything about their trauma and their experiences will be held in the most confidential way," said Teresa Miles, Executive Director of the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

    JSO asks anyone who thinks they have been victimized to come forward and contact police at 904-630-0500.

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