Jacksonville residents react to federal law mandating hospitals publicly post prices

Shopping hospital prices

A new federal law will allow patients to shop hospital prices before treatment, and some Jacksonville residents are looking forward to the change.

Starting Jan. 1, all hospitals will be required to post their prices online due to a new federal rule that gives patients more transparency from hospitals on prices for all services.

“It’s nice to know what I’m dealing with so you don’t walk in the door blindsided and you’re not deterred from actually going to the hospital," said Jonathan Campo, whose child has severe food allergies.

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Campo and his wife Amy also said the new law could save them money during monthly doctors appointments.

“It’s awesome to just click of a mouse this is what you got going on versus what they’ve got going on. Saves a lot of time, saves money, gives a peace of mind," Campo said.

Action News Jax reporter Elizabeth Pace reached out to UF Health and the financial chief said the hospital is ready to post their information on Jan.1.

The new federal law will also require hospitals to update the prices at least once a year.

Pace contacted three other local hospitals about their progress on their list of services and prices and is waiting to hear back.

The Department of Health and Human services says patients should also know that a bill may different from the hospital's posted prices depending on the patien's insurance coverage, but some Jacksonville residents like Summer Book said it will help plan for emergencies more efficiently.

"It’s going to help us as consumers make better decisions about where we’re going and what kind of quality of care we want.," said Book.