• Jacksonville, St. Johns County won't give permits anymore to this roofer

    By: Jenna Bourne , Action News Jax


    Local homeowners say they’re out thousands of dollars after a Jacksonville roofing company took their deposits and never fixed their roofs.

    Now criminal charges could be on the way for the owner of First Coast Roofing.

    The City of Jacksonville and St. Johns County won’t issue the company permits anymore.

    That’s why Fruit Cove homeowner Peter Gallant said he has little hope of getting his new roof from First Coast Roofing. 

    In August, Gallant paid First Coast Roofing a deposit of more than $7,000. 

    Several of Gallant’s shingles are flipping up, causing his ceiling to leak.

    “They just kind of flap up when the wind blows,” said Gallant. “Sooner or later, you might just have a river coming through your bathroom.” 

    Gallant and several other customers reported to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office that First Coast

    Roofing owner Robert Roberts cashed their deposits and never fixed their roofs.

    A case in Duval County Court shows Roberts also owes $107,000 for unpaid roofing supplies.

    Over the phone, Roberts told Action News Jax the insurance companies are taking too long to pay him and he’s going to get caught up.

    When Action News Jax pointed out that he can’t get permits in Jacksonville or St. Johns County, and that a St. Johns County spokesperson said First Coast Roofing’s worker’s comp and liability insurance expired, Roberts threatened to break our camera.

    “Don’t twist those words around, as I just outright threatened you. I said, if you do that, I will take it back – I will smash it. I mean, I do not want to appear on your TV show. I do not want my face on TV,” said Roberts in a later voicemail. 

    Roberts also said he is a combat veteran. 

    A St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said the agency referred two grand theft charges for Roberts to the State Attorney’s Office in January.

    “I don’t want him to be arrested. I don’t want him to lose his livelihood, whatever that is. I don’t want him to lose his house. I just need my $7,200 back,” said Gallant.

    A State Attorney’s Office spokesperson said it’s investigating. 

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