• Jacksonville teen hides in closet while home is burglarized

    By: Catherine Varnum


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Melvin Ramos opened his garage door Friday morning and found a window busted.

    “They busted it with a crowbar and hammer,” Ramos said.

    His first thought -- his 13-year-old son who was alone inside the home.

    Ramos found his son terrified, crying and hiding in his closet.

    Ramos said his son told him he heard three men's voices as they ransacked the house.

    The burglars got away with a laptop and pictures -- pictures Ramos said they want back.

    “My son who passed away in ‘08, they were the only pictures we had,” Ramos said.

    Jerry Jones lives right behind Ramos and said his home was broken into less than two weeks ago. He said the thieves took electronics and baby clothes.

    “Obviously they've been casing this neighborhood,” Jones said.

    Ramos said he was relieved when he found his son safe in the home.

    “Things you can replace, us you can't,” Ramos said.

    According to JSO’s crime mapping system, there have been three other burglaries to homes within a half mile of where Ramos lives. 

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