• Jacksonville Uber driver rescues kitten thrown from truck

    By: Christy Turner , Action News Jax


    An Uber driver was on her way to pick up a rider when she found a kitten that had been tossed from a truck in Jacksonville.

    “I'm sorry that I didn’t pick them up, but that baby needed me more,” Wendy Stokes said 

    Stokes, a full-time Uber driver, said she was on her way to pick someone up when she saw the kitten thrown from the truck on Airport Road Friday night.

    “I saw someone toss something out of the window and knew it wasn't trash the way (it) went flying,” Stokes said.

    Stokes said the truck was going at least 45 miles per hour. She said it was a dark-colored truck, possibly a Ford or Dodge, with a lift kit. 

    The kitten, now named Uber, escaped with bumps and bruises.

    He is being fostered by Julie Jereczek with Taraa Rescue. Once healthy enough, he will be available for adoption. 

    Jereczek said this is becoming a growing issue.

    “All the rescues in Jacksonville have seen it a lot lately,” Jereczek said, adding that it happens a lot by the airport.

    “I don't know if it's the same person or if it's multiple people, but they have to be found,” she said

    She praised Stokes’ for stepping up and giving the kitten a fighting chance.

    “A lot of people wouldn’t have done what she did, considering she was on the job,” Jereczek said. 

    She said the kitten is lucky that someone saw him and was there to rescue him.

    “Because of her, at least we now know what description of the vehicle. We have some kind of idea what's going on, where it's happening. That's a start,” Jereczek said.

    Jereczek said if you need to get a rid of animal, call a rescue. 

    “Let us get them homes and give them a chance. They deserve it. They are innocent,” Jereczek said. 

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