• Jacksonville ushers in its first all-girl troop to local Boy Scouts of America

    By: Alicia Tarancon , Action News Jax


    The Boy Scouts of America is no longer just about the boys.

    Last year, the organization agreed to allow transgender boys to be members.

    This year, they announced they would be dropping the word “boy” as a way to get the message out that girls are welcome, too.

    Next year they will be launching Scouts BSA, the program that allows both boys and girls to participate separate troops.  

    One local troop is becoming one of the first troops in our area that will guide a new generation of scouts.

    Isabella and Hailey Richardson, both 11, are part of Cub Scout Pack 837.

    The sisters joined in July and have already collected a number of impressive merit badges.

    “This one is when you first go on the trail and you get it,” said Isabella.

    They have earned badges for shooting a BB gun, archery and camping. 

    “I have camped I think like four or five times - three,” said Hailey.


    The pair have been in Girl Scouts for the last five years, but the jumped at the opportunity to join the Boy Scouts when they heard last year girls would be allowed to join.

    “'Cause you get to go on more camping trips, you get to cook on an open fire, do all this other exciting stuff, and I wanted to do it,” said Isabella.

    Hailey and Isabella tell us they wanted to do Boy Scouts to show others that girls can do, anything boys can do.

    “Girls and boys are equal and that they can do whatever boys can do and same with boys, boys can do whatever girls can do,” says Hailey.  

    Pack 837 has 11 girls so far out of 42 scouts and they’re hoping their message will inspire other girls to join, too.  

    These cubs will soon cross over from their den and become one of the first official Scout BSA troops in our area made up of all-girl scouts in February.

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