• Jacksonville veterans gifted cars, money at local event

    By: Elizabeth Pace , Action News Jax


    Jacksonville veterans Honor Parrish and Freddie Walker were each given a refurbished car and a personal check for more than $2,800 through the sixth Progressive Insurance Keys to Progress event. 

    “I’m speechless, I feel so blessed right now,” Walker said. 

    Progressive collaborated with Caliber Collision, which repaired and donated the cars to the event.

    Parrish and Walker are two of 100 veterans receiving this gift across the country. 

    “Having a vehicle will change the dynamics of my family’s life,” Parrish said. “I will be able to go grocery shopping without asking anybody. I will be able to take my daughter to her National Honor Society meeting. I will be able to take her to and from work, not worrying about safety.”

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    Parrish served in the Navy, including time in Jacksonville. She was one of the first women to sail alongside men in 1994. 

    “Being one of the first females and doing jobs or responsibilities in the military that usually a man would do, I was doing, and that adversely affected my health,” Parrish said.

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