Jacksonville Walmart shoppers claim they received counterfeit bills from cashiers

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Two shoppers claimed they received fake currency when they requested cash back from the Walmart on 103rd Street in Jacksonville, a police report said.

On March 18, deputies from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the Walmart, where two Jacksonville residents -- Taijahn Robinson and Tometta Lattella -- said they received fake bills as cash back during purchases made on March 17.

Walmart said Wednesday they are investigating to confirm the claims. The victims told JSO they didn't know the bills were fake until the day after they shopped at Walmart.

“We take these situations seriously and are currently working both internally and with local law enforcement to confirm the claims," Walmart said in a statement. 

Robinson and Lattella do not know each other, JSO said in the report.

Lattella's son obtained $100 as cash back from a purchase made at 10:30 p.m., police said. The bill obtained was smaller than a typical $100 bill, JSO said, and didn't have proper security markings.

Earlier, around 9 p.m., Robinson said she obtained $100 as cash back from the same register. Robinson received three fake $20 bills with the same serial number, JSO said.

The fake money was confiscated by authorities.

Walmart didn't reimburse the shoppers. The manager on duty told Robinson and Lattella that they would need to file a formal complaint with the Walmart corporate office.