Jacksonville widow sues manufacturer of Roundup weed killer

A Jacksonville widow is suing the company that makes Roundup weed killer.

It’s the latest lawsuit filed by people who claim Roundup causes a rare form of cancer.

On the back of Roundup bottles, it says the active ingredient glyphosate “targets an enzyme found in plants but not in people or pets.”


Every year, 250 million pounds of glyphosate are sprayed on crops and lawns every year, according to a recent study.

“People have died from it, people will continue to die from it, I’ll die from it,” said former Roundup user John Jenneges in May 2017, who sued the manufacturer.

Lisa Hammock also sued after her husband’s death.

“There was clots all in his nose and everything. He sucked one of those clots down into his lungs and he choked to death, and I had to watch him choke to death,” Hammock said in 2017.

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On Friday, a Jacksonville widow filed a lawsuit against the company over her husband’s death from non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Joseph Rogers started regularly spraying RoundUp on his lawn in the 1970s, according to the lawsuit.

That lawsuit claims, “Joseph N. Rogers, Sr.’s death, like the deaths and injuries striking thousands of similarly situated victims across the country, was avoidable.”

In March, a California jury awarded $80 million to another man who claimed Roundup gave him non-Hodkin lymphoma.

The Bayer Company acquired Roundup’s manufacturer, Monsanto Company, last year.

Bayer claims the active ingredient in RoundUp is safe.