Jacksonville woman looking to bring portable shower units to the Bahamas

Neighbors in Bahamas say showers are needed to help recovery

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville woman is working to take more resources to the Bahamas, following devastation from Dorian, while also helping her own family pick up the pieces.

Sophie Filibert works at UNF as a counselor, but with her free time she's working to piece her family's life back together. But, it will take some time to return to complete normalcy.

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"They were in the eye of the storm, because they live in Freeport." Filibert said. "They have been there for over 40 years."

Her sister FaceTimes Filibert to give her updates on how the family is doing, following the hurricane. On Monday, it marked three weeks since her sister, Lorna Maxis, has had a shower.

"The water is basically contaminated by salt." Maxis told her sister and Action News Jax, via FaceTime. "We'll use the bottled water to brush our teeth. We have to use the bottled water in some cases to boil, so that we can bathe."

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Maxis told Filibert she would love to take a normal, hot shower, and Filibert is trying to make it happen.

"If you think of like the Port-O-Potties, but these are like super-sized Port-O-Potties that include showers." Filibert said, describing her initiative to get showers to the Bahamas. "And, what we're looking for is something that ranges from three units to like 16."

Filibert is working with her church, Jacksonville Southpoint SDA, to collect funds to buy these units. She said they already have a boat that is willing to take it all over. She adds that everything is in place, they just need the units.

"So, right now we're just putting the word out there and hoping that people be generous and compassionate enough to lend toward that effort." Filibert said.

Tax-deductible donations for mobile shower units can be made to Jacksonville Southpoint SDA Church, here.

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