WATCH: Hero dog saves Jacksonville woman being attacked by two pit bulls in her front yard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville woman is in the process of healing after she was attacked in her front yard by two loose alleged pit bulls.

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The incident happened in the Crystal Springs neighborhood on the Westside.

Some neighbors in the area said it this isn’t the first time a dog attack has happened and some people are left concerned for their children’s safety.

Video footage showed the woman going for a walk before she was viciously attacked by two dogs.

John Mims has lived in the Crystal Springs neighborhood for the past 5 years and it was his dog who came to her rescue.

“Thank God for this specific time he was out there because he actually heard what happened,” Mims said.

In the video you can see once she falls her neighbor’s dog Jordan comes out and chases the two other dogs away.  He said his dog was in the backyard and heard the commotion. That’s when Jordan jumped their fence to help her.

“The dogs went this way and he chased them right out from where they came from and he came back himself,” Mims said.

JSO came out to the scene and visited a home in the neighborhood that has a pit bull. However, an officer said it was a puppy and was “clearly not involved”.

This incident has left Mims worried about the safety of his children and others in the neighborhood.

“My neighbors have two kids that are actually smaller than my two boys and there’s a lot of other kids that play in this area,” Mims said.

Pictures show the many scares the woman received from the attack. Now neighbors are hoping something changes to prevent an incident like this happening again.

“It is kind of concerning knowing that the dogs are still out and about and we don’t even know who the owners are,” Mims said.

Police said it’s unclear where the dogs are located or who owns them.

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